Konan Women's University


"Usher in the 100th anniversary of the founding of the historic women's university.
Wear appropriate clothes, show elegant temperament.
Have your own views, but also can think from the standpoint of others.
How can we become a woman with such character?
Find out the answer in Konan Women's University with the motto of "purity, integrity, gentleness and strength".!
In the campus overlooking Kobe street, sky and sea, there are lots of opportunities to grow, study and meet others.


Faculty of Literature

Department of Japanese Language and Culture

You can select multiple courses or three courses.
You can concentrate on one course or choose subjects from several courses.
• Service and reception course
While learning the traditional Japanese "receptio" culture, master the necessary reception spirit and professional skills in the travel, hotel, aviation, wedding and other industries.
• Audio-visual communication course
In addition to learning Japanese audio-visual culture such as animation and movies, master broadcasting and other technologies. This is a course recommended for those who want to work in the communication industry.
• Japanese language and culture
Japanese language, classical literature, modern literature, Chinese literature, etc., can be widely studied with Japanese language and Japanese culture courses. it is useful for those who want to be teacher of Mandarin and Japanese.

Department of Media Performance

Find a variety of areas of expertise for what you want to do
• New media research
Learn programming and other technologies to challenge the production of new media works.

• Photo. visual culture
Study image representation centered on photos, analyze its charm through shooting and observation.

• Design Art
Focus on the computer-based electronic media, learn necessary performance techniques in design.

• Comics and animation
Through extensive studies and comics, animation culture, obtain analytical and critical thinking.

• Editor and network
Text editing as the center, research and production of live performance in app, network, etc.

• Performance· body expression
Study opera and create works that needed to use body expression, publish many times in the seminar.

• Image performance
While studying image performance,take "what to shoot" as the main goal to challenge film production.

Campus address

6-2-23 Morikitacho, Higashinada-ku, Kobe 658-0001
From JR "Konan Yamate" station about 10 minutes of walking
From JR Awazu Motoyama station School bus about 5 minutes


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