Stick to small scale. Stick to internationality.
Touching many people and cultures, and recognizing different personalities and values. Reizawa's learning to cherish each other's mind (reciprocity) brings up "human power" that leads to people, society and the way of life.


Internationnal Faculty

Internationna Department

Students will learn techniques to communicate their intentions in Japanese and English, learn about the world's diverse values, and acquire “a multicultural methodology”.
We will carry out problem-solving active learning
to make use of the skills learned. At the same time, the emphasis is on the acquisition of practical operation techniques in English. Review objectively about “their” such as everyday society and culture, and learn to actively
transmit them to “others”, “overseas” etc., as well as acquire ideas to connect diverse values .

Global Bussiness Faculty

Learn the basics of economics and business administration, strengthen English skills on the premise of studying abroad, and develop global leaders who are active globally.
In the first year, I spend nine hours a week, and then spend 90 hours studying abroad to study
English intensively. In addition to studying systematic knowledge of business administration
and economics in Japanese, students who acquired TOEIC 450 points at the time of admission will study business administration and economics in English. In addition, he studied abroad at 15 partner schools in 6 countries around the world and studied business administration and economics abroad. We also offer internships at global companies worldwide.

Campus address

Kashiwa Campus
2-1-1Hikarigaoka, Kashiwa-shi,Chiba-ken
Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line / JR Joban Line (each station stops) Nanjo Station 13 minutes on foot
Tobu Urban Park Line Shinjo Station 15 minutes on foot