Cultivate basic skills through "skills education" to acquire expertise and become a true Eiwa man
1 Basic Education - Focusing on the three basic subjects, English, ICT skills, and Japanese language skills (newly established subjects), students comprehensively develop skills that will be fundamental to their studies at the university and as members of society.
2 Specialized education - Professional ability training and extension  through three areas of "specialized skills of Eiwa" and six programs.
3 Seminar education - "Eiwa of seminar" a four year small group seminar for all students to perfect their comprehensive skills.


Faculty of Human Sciences and Cultural Studies

Department of Human Sciences and Cultural Studies

Learning to nurture the seeds of each person's interest.
【Three Academic Domains】

The Psychological Service domain provides courses on basic psychological theories and research methods. There are also courses and opportunities for professional training and internships at local organizations that specialize in psychological care and service.

The Global Studies domain provides courses in which students can study diverse social and cultural phenomena from a global viewpoint. These courses aim to nurture perspectives that will be helpful even when acting locally in this rapidly globalizing society.

The Media Science domain provides courses on using and developing Information and Communication Technology, which aims to foster cutting-edge ideas for improving and solving problems in our daily lives.

By cross-cultivating knowledge and ideas from across these three domains, students will become able to better serve the world.

Campus address

888,Yokoknecho KofuCity,YamanashiPre.  400-8555, Japan