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April 2020 Admission 2nd term Schedule

Application Jan.1,2019 - Feb.25,2019
Written test May.11,2019
Interview test May.26, 2019

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Now, your application has been started officially.
Please confirm if you are a Malaysia student.
If you are not a Malaysia, you use the wrong application website right now.
Please visit the application website of your local area for application.
If you are not clear which examination area you belong to, please contact us via the page of “Contact Us”.

Registration Process

Please follow the six steps below to register for the Japanese University Examination (JPUE).
1)Register with an Email Address
After registering with your email address, a confirmation email will be sent to this email address. The email contains the account and password used to log in to the website for official registration application. Please click on the website address in the email to go to the official registration page.
2)Select Subjects of Examination
When applying for JPUE, all exam-related choices have a total of 6 options from A to F, as shown below.

 A)Examination Room
Select the JPUE Written Examination Room. Please select the nearest examination room according to your personal situation.
Select the language in which the JPUE written examination is. You can choose “English” or “Chinese”.
C)Select the College or Department System
In view of further education or employment orientation in the future, the colleges and departments of Japanese universities are divided into 16 categories, from which 3 can be selected. Please note that the choices here will have a significant impact on the university interviews after the end of the written examination, so please be cautious. Since you can choose up to 3 categories, you can get more pre-admission notices from multiple universities if you choose more.
D)Select the Type of Examination
The JPUE written examinations are divided into “Type I” and “Type II”.
Choose “Type I” in general. If you hope to enter a national university, please choose “Type II”.
※ The written examination is usually completed within one day. When “Type II” is selected, the written examination will also be held on the second day.
E)Select a Subject of Examination
Select a foreign language subject in the JPUE) written examination. You can choose the “Japanese Examination” or “English Examination”.
F)Select the Examination System
Select the examination system used by the JPUE written examination. You can choose either “Arts” or “Science”.
When selecting “Arts”, the subjects of the examination are “Foreign Language” and “Mathematics for Students of Arts”.
When selecting “Science”, the subjects of the examination are “Foreign Language”, “Mathematics for Students of Science” and “Integrated Science Course (choose one subject from Physics, Chemistry or Biology)”.

3) Enter Personal Information and Education
Next, you need to enter your personal information. It is recommended to fill in that after you have sorted out all the information.
〇Name (Chinese Characters), Name (English), Date of Birth, Age, Nationality, Current Address, Telephone Number, E-mail Address, Household Registration Address, ID Number, Passport Number, Passport Issue Date, Passport Validity Period.
〇Have you ever been to Japan? What’s the purpose, the date of entry and the date of return?
〇Education Background (Name and address of your primary school, secondary school and high school, also the year of admission, year of graduation, number of years of study respectively)
〇Examination experiences and scores (EJU, JLPT, TOEFL, etc.)

4)Upload Photos and Other Necessary Materials
Please upload the specified data as described below.
・ID Photo (JPEG format, length 560 pixels x width 420 pixels, file size: within 1MB) ※Photo specifications

・Exam scores and qualifications, etc. (Not required if not obtained)
・A transcript of the EJU (The Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students)
・Transcripts of the Japanese Language Proficiency Tests (JLCAT, JLPT, JTEST, NAT, BJT, JCAT)
・Transcripts of English Proficiency Tests (TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS)
・A transcript of common university entrance examinations (College Entrance Examination, Academic Test, DSE, SMTP, SAT)
・A transcript of examinations at the graduation of high school
※The above examination results or certificates will be used as an important basis in the review process, please be sure to upload them actively!
5)Write a Statement of Reason for Application
 Please write the reasons for choosing to study in Japan.
〇Your opportunity to study in Japan.
〇The field you want to study in Japan.
〇What do you want to challenge in university life in Japan?
〇Your plans after graduating from a Japanese university, and employment outlook after graduation
〇Wishes you desire to achieve in the future

Please think in depth based on the above aspects and write a statement of reason for application that will allow others to understand you.
The examination assessment has quietly started here.
6)Pay the Registration Fee
 Finally, please pay the exam registration fee with the specified method.
If you wish to pay by bank card, please make payment directly on the page after the registration is completed.
*If you pay by bank transfer, please upload the remittance certificate (remittance receipt) according to the regulations.
*To use the coupon, please enter the code into the specified input box to complete the payment procedure.
Please note that you cannot take the examination until you have completed all six steps above.
If there is any place you do not understand, please refer to the “Admissions Guide”

Requirements on and Sample of Photo Needed to Be Uploaded for Registration

Requirements on Photo

Please prepare the photo according to the requirements as follows.
JPEG format, color, Length 560 pixels x Width 420 pixels, file size shall be within 1MB
The photo will be used on the admission ticket taken to the examination room on the examination day.

The photo will be taken as an important basis to confirm whether you are the candidate. Please prepare in strict accordance with the following requirements.

•Size: Length 560 pixels x Width 420 pixels (File Size: Within 1MB)
•Taken within 6 months
•No border
•Can clearly identify the candidate’s front face (No shadow on face)
•Only candidate in the photo
•Upper body, bareheaded, including the entire head
•No objects behind the character, pure white or other monochrome background (light color)

※ Documents uploaded after scanning such as photocopies, photo stickers and ordinary duplicating paper will not be accepted.
Using photos not in line with the above requirements for application may result in disqualification.