April 2020 Admission 3rd term Schedule

Application May.1,2019 - July.15,2019
Written test July.20,2019
Interview test July.29, 2019

Introduction on universities

① A Glance at Universities and Departments

Click each universities' name for the department details.Apply for JPUE, you need to check the department table. You are allowed to choose MAX 3 departments in JPUE. ※ JPUE adopts a “preferred department application method” to allow applications to choose the departments according to their desired majors.Please click HERE for details.

National and public universities

  • Chiba University
  • Faculty of Engineering
    ※ ※ If you wish to apply "National University Chiba University", you need to select the following subjects at the time of application and take the exam.
    Literature and Science selection: "Science"
    Required exam subjects:"Science mathematics", two subjects of Science "Physics" and "Chemistry" + "Advanced science mathematics", two subjects of Advanced science "Physics" and "Chemistry"
    ※ In the case of Science "Biology" and Advanced science "Biology" selection, you cannot enter the "National University Chiba University".

Private Universities

③Selection table of participating university subjects

ClassificationUniversityFacultiesExam typeCategoryScience
Type IType IILiberal ArtsSciencePhysicsChemistrybiology
National Chiba University Faculty of EngineeringRequiredRequired
National Public University Corporation, University of Nagano Faculty of Global Management Studies---
Faculty of Health and Human DevelopmentOptionOptionOption
Private Teikyo UniversityFaculty of Science and EngineeringOptionOptionOption
Faculty of Economics---
Faculty of Law---
Faculty of Liberal Arts---
Faculty of Education---
Faculty of Language Studies---
Private Musashino UniversityFaculty of EngineeringOptionOptionOption
Department of Global Communication---
Faculty of Economics---
Department of Law---
Faculty of Literature---
Faculty of Human Science---
Private Shibaura Institute of TechnologyCollege of EngineeringOptionOption
College of Systems Engineering and ScienceOptionOption
College of Engineering and DesignOptionOption
School of ArchitectureOptionOption
Private Fukuyama UniversityFaculty of EngineeringOptionOptionOption
Faculty of Human Cultures---
Faculty of Economics---
Private Showa Women's UniversityFaculty of Humanities and Culture---
Faculty of Human Life and Environmental SciencesOptionOptionOption
Faculty of Humanities and Society---
Faculty of Global Business---
Private Chubu Gakuin UniversityHuman Welfare Department---
Private Digital Hollywood UniversityDepartment of Digital Communications---
Private Chiba University of CommerceFaculty of Humanities and Social Sciences---
Private Miyazaki International CollegeSchool of International Liberal Arts---
Private Gifu Shotoku Gakuen UniversityFaculty of Foreign Languages ---
Faculty of Economics and Information---
Private Kyoto University of Foreign StudiesFaculty of Foreign Studies---
Faculty of Global Engagement---
Private Utsunomiya Kyowa UniversityCity Life Faculty---
Private Joshibi University of Art and DesignArt and Design---
Private University of Marketing and Distribution SciencesFaculty of Commerce---
Faculty of Economics---
Faculty of Human and Social Sciences---
Private Toin University of YokohamaFaculty of Law---
Private Seikei UniversityFaculty of Business Administration---
Faculty of Economics---
Faculty of Law---
Faculty of Humanities---
Faculty of Science and TechnologyOptionOptionOption
Private University of Human EnvironmentsFaculty of Human EnvironmentOptionOptionOption
Private CHUKYO UNIVERSITY International FacultyOptionOptionOption
School of LettersOptionOptionOption
School of PsychologyOptionOptionOption
School of LawOptionOptionOption
School of EconomicsOptionOptionOption
School of ManagementOptionOptionOption
School of Policy StudiesOptionOptionOption
School of Contemporary SociologyOptionOptionOption
School of EngineeringOptionOptionOption
School of Health and Sport SciencesOptionOptionOption
Private Sapporo Gakuin UniversityFaculty of Business Administration---
Faculty of Economics---
Faculty of Humanities---
Faculty of Psychology---
Faculty of Jurisprudence---
Private Meiji Gakuin UniversityFaculty of International Studies---
Private International Christian University(ICU)College of Leberal ArtsOptionOptionOption
Private J. F. Oberlin UniversityCollege of Global CommunicationOptionOptionOption
Private SEISA Dohto University Faculty of Management---
Faculty of Social Welfare---
Faculty of Fine Arts---
Private Ube Frontier UniversityDepartment of Human SociologyOptionOptionOption
Private Shukutoku UniversityCollege of Integrated Human and Social Welfare Studies---
College of Community Studies---
College of Nursing and Nutrition OptionOptionOption
College of Business Administration---
College of Education---
College of Humanity---
Private Bunsei University of ArtFaculty of Fine Arts---
Private Kokugakuin University Faculty of Letters---
Faculty of Shinto Studies---
Faculty of Law---
Faculty of Economics---
Faculty of Human DevelopmentOptionOptionOption
Private Tsurumi UniversityDepartment of DentistryOption
Private Nagoya University of ArtsFaculty of ArtsOptionOptionOption
Private Yamanashi Gakuin University International Liberal Arts Facult Option Option Option
Private Reitaku University Internationnal Faculty Option Option Option
Private Aichi Sangyo University Faculty of Management Option Option Option
Faculty of Social Welfare Option Option Option