University of Human Environments


A university that creates the future of life, mind, and environment.
University of Human Environments has 4 departments in 3 faculties: Faculty of Human Environments 「Department of Psychology」・「Department of Environmental Science」, Faculty of Nursing「Department of Nursing」, Matsuyama Faculty of Nursing「Department of Nursing」.
We are committed to creating talented human resources who are able to contribute to the society, by learning through our proficient lecture and practice in professional studies.


Faculty of Human Environment

Department of Psychology

Learn a person's mind of how it works,
Make use of in the real world
01: Learning
A wider study to practicing from the foundation of “Psychology”

Psychology is studying the various mechanisms of phenomena related to “mental”, understanding the problem of“mentality”and the health in daily life, and to aspire the thought of giving aid. Learning the mental structures through experiments and researches. To understand scientifically and practically the various phenomena such as the communication with others in daily life and the problem relating to mental health of education and working environment which gaining more concern in recent years. In order to develop the problem solving skills, responding to modern mentality issues. Through substantial learning from the various psychological fields:
developmental・educational psychology relating field, society・industrial psychology relating field, clinical psychology relating field, etc.

02: Self development
Learning to confront to society and one’s self.

Human relationship is the most important matter in life while living in schools and companies. Our society is seeking the talent who can calmly see through and understand the situation such as “why there are times when a human relationship works well and when it does not”, and determine to solve it by giving the assistance. A variety of practical and lecture work that include experiment and psychological checkups, introduce experiential learning involve in the shifting of mind by human, and inspire the thought toward human relationship with one's self, to be able to deepening the mutual understanding through self understanding and understanding of others. Above all, acquire the skills that target the mental health of society.

Department of Environmental Science

Understand nature,
Creating a sustainable society
01: Learning
Think about the realization of a sustainable society from how the Earth's Ecosystem and the Economic Society Work.

What should we do to live on a plentiful life while minimizing the burden on the natural environment? An economic system that depends on human activities, which in order to construct a social environment, that can result in both natural environment and the social environment to become abundant or inadequate. In the Department of Environmental Science, with the inseparable effort of learning the natural environment subject (ecology, substance cycling subject) and social environment subject, to develop the human resource who is able to propose and practice the constructive way to the sustainable society.

02: Experiment・Practice
Acquire the knowledge relating to environment from experiment and practice by oneself.

Environmental Science is an academic field to learn the structure of ecosystem with science such as ecology of animals and plants, chemistry of water quality analysis, etc. and study the structure of economic social environment with environmental economics and environmental management. The part of science is through conducting the field work as the practical and experiential learning. While the part of social science is through assigning into a society internship in the third year of study, which able to research and verify on real field comparing with the knowledge obtained from the lecture. But in order to elevate the self's value and knowledge that have to rely on individual effort on pursuing the understanding beyond classroom.

Campus address

Okazaki Campus(Faculty of Human Environments)
From Meitetsu Nagoya main line "Honjuku station" 3 minutes by school bus, 8 minutes by walking