What is JPUE

April 2020 Admission 3rd term Schedule

Application May.1,2019 - July.15,2019
Written test July.20,2019
Interview test July.29, 2019

What is JPUE

JPUE is different from conventional Japanese admission but JPUE,
• Promotes Japanese universities in foreign countries.
• Receives applicants.
• Examines academic ability.
• Makes network between applicants and universities.
• Teaches Japanese language once applicants successfully passed the exam.
• Does office work such as obtaining a visa.

JPUE is a platform which does all of these things listed above.
Application, examination, interviews, learning Japanese and paper work needed for studying in Japan, all of these can be done in your local region with JPUE and so, JPUE takes away various obstacles for studying abroad in Japan.

The examinations are held 3 times a year in December, May and July, and applicants can apply online using WEB application system in a local language.

Also, JPUE employs ‘department application system’, in which applicants can choose 3 preferred areas of study from 16 departments (9 Liberal Arts and 7 Science) and they will be connected to Japanese universities where they can study the preferred areas. So, even if applicants have no knowledge of universities in Japan, they can apply to multiple universities and are able to obtain multiple offers from different universities by taking the examination only once.

JPUE's The path

Overall flow

This is the overall flow of Japan University Examination (JPUE) below.
Applicants apply online and will receive an email with admission ticket before a written exam. On the day of written examination, they will take a written exam in a designated exam location. The results of the written test and application documents will be examined and based on them, applicants will be notified universities’ offers. In interviews, they will have a conversation for around 20 minutes about their purposes of studying and future goals. Once they completed all application documents, written examinations and interviews, each university will make a final decision and they will announce the admission decision on website.

After that, there is an orientation for successful applicants and they will decide on which school to enter. Once they finish choosing a school, they will take Japanese language course as their preparatory education. In the preparatory education, students will take elementary Japanese and advanced Japanese language for 360 classes in total (90 minutes per class). Students from countries where they use Chinese characters will complete this preparatory education within 6 months and they will have a level of Japanese which is required for studying at a university in Japan. Eventually, each applicant will take an interview with the university to see if they have achieved necessary conditions that the university offered and then, they will apply for a visa.