Joshibi University of Art and Design


As a private art college, Joshibi University is one of the oldest university in Tokyo top five Art and Design college.
Joshibi was founded 116 years ago with the aim to "empower the self-reliance of woman through the arts", "improve the social status of women" and "produce women teacher in the arts". In our school, we also have Joshibi college and students have the option to choose from 2 systems; continue studies in university after acquiring associate's degree or choose to study in a major and acquire a bachelor's degree.


Art and Design

Fine Arts

For those who can continue art throughout their life.
■Oil Painting and Printmaking
Focusing on oil painting and printmaking as the base, students will learn not only about the traditional paint, but also a wide range of expressive methods, including mixed media, video and installations to improve observability, description, expression and art theory.

■Japanese Painting
During the course of Japanese painting material research with paper working, rock granulation, paints, brush, tableware and kirikane, students explore the potential of next generation Japanese-style painting through the study and creation of Japanese paintings, the reproduction of classic paintings, and the study of the material used in Japanese painting.

In this concentration, in addition to working with traditional sculpture materials such as clay, wood, stone, and metal, students also explore other materials which can be used for paper and felt, and produce free, creative works using woodworking equipment to expressing their creativity, polishing their aesthetic sensibilities and discovering their own means of self-expression.

■Art Education
This concentration develops art educators who can contribute to our society. In addition to learning art history and art and design theory and psychology, students are cultivated additional technical skills and specialized knowledge and have advantage to faculty recruitment test.

■Art and culture
Connecting with a global society through the power of art. During the course, students will study art on a theoretical level from three different points of view “art, theory and practice”. In order to improve sensitivity based on knowledges and theories, they are supposed to create more and go overseas.

Design and Crafts

Become a creator who can change a society.
A department that nurtures students’ planning skills, expression skills and imagination that help in product-making from various point of view.
■Visual Design
Learn about graphic designing, advertising, pictures, editing, web, animation and packaging.
■Product Design
Learn about designing and planning of furniture, stationeries, illumination, accessories, miscellaneous goods and many more.
■Environmental Design
City, landscape, architecture, interior, display and illumination- learn designing for both exterior and interior features.
■Textiles, Ceramics and Glass
After acquiring knowledge and basics of techniques of dyeing, weaving, embroidery, pottery and glass materials, students will then move to the next step to learn more about their specialized field.

Cross-Disciplinary Art and Design

Discard the preconceived concept and get freedom.
This department helps to nurture future creative professionals who can make a good use of all the specialties from 4s and many more. different fields and collaborate with one another and at the same time, correspond as well as operate in a new community.
■Media Art and Design
Learn about videos, animations, web, graphic designing, games and characters with the help of the latest technologies.
■Art and Design for Healing
With healing as the main purpose, learn about picture books, characters, soft toys, toys, mural, space designing, CG and many more.
■Fashion and Textile
Acquire knowledge and skills related to fashion as well as textile and at the same time, learn about planning, designing, production and also presentation.
■Art Produce and Museum Studies
With art exhibition as the main focus, learn about the actual art production that brings people and community together including music, plays and many more.

Joshibi College

Art and Design

Know yourself
Two years of studying expertise.
■Fine Arts Course
In this course, students learn about diverse expressive fields, such as oil painting, Japanese painting, printmaking and sculpture, and develop their own specialization.

■Design Course
◇Information Design Course
Students will work with design of poster, publication, web and letterpress printing in order to master character design. Visual communication refers to design whose purpose is to visually convey information necessary for societal life. In the Information Design Course, students gain an understanding of visual communication, learning about methodology while acquiring the skills needed by graphic designers and art director. They are supposed approach to design within three field which are media, textile and space.

Campus address

Suginami Campus
1-49-8 Wada,Suginami-ku, Tokyo 166-8538

Sagamihara Campus
1900 Asamizodai,Minami-ku,Sagamihara,Kanagawa 252-8538