Bunsei University of Art


Bunsei University of Art is an art university located in Utsunomiya, Tochigi. It offers Integrated Arts and Design, Design and Manga three courses.
With the geographical advantages of the North Kanto and Tochigi, here you can learn the history and culture of Nikko and Mashiko, and work with local industries to realize various social practices.


Faculty of Fine Arts

Integrated Arts and Design Major

"beautiful thing" to cherish the power to feel "beautiful", we learn.
「Japanese Painting」
Among people who are eager to study Japanese painting, some are attracted by the beautiful and interesting materials; some are indulged in the ancient Japanese paintings after seeing them; and some want to try to repair arts… As a person who loves painting, the reason for why I chose to study Japanese painting is “I am Japanese”. The Japanese Painting Specialty has prepared courses for us to explore the possibilities of performance through various materials. At the same time, there are also cooperation activities with various regions, and courses having us to draw temples or the ceiling of shrines.

「Oil Painting」
Oil painting is aimed at inspiring the specialties of each student. Based on the basic knowledge, oil painting performs the thought and philosophy of a writer through media expression. The world of oil painting is very colorful and diverse, including graphic art known as modern art, installation art, and conceptual art which are expressed in many view angles including humorous expression techniques. Oil painting is a self-exploration skill, and it can also cultivate talents that can abandon the conventional perspective of art and create art freely in a unique way.

「Three-dimensional Art」
Learning three-dimensional art is such an experience: you will not only stay at the level of visual expression, but use all your sensory system to actually touch and feel the materials and the process of making shapes. The created work is something that exists in reality, and you can look at from various angles, pet it or even tap it and touch it. This practical experience can also be said to be the charm of three-dimensional works. A good understanding of the characteristics of the material, and then the selection of materials suitable for creation are also an important part of the creation of the work. We hope that our courses will allow you to feel the joy of seeing materials becomes a work and becomes reality from an impression.

「Regional Culture Creation」
In addition to cultivate the student’s ability to distinguish authenticity and falseness through art, our teaching aims also include having students study the abundant natural and historical landscapes around the university, strengthen their connection with the society by deepening their pride of and love to the region, thus achieving the goal of promoting “Urban Construction”.

In addition, in our education and research, we not only require students to learn local culture, to learn the knowledge, technology, and thinking skills required by modern society, but also hope that our students can study Japan’s unique culture from a global perspective, and master the ability to look at issues and exchange from broad and diversified perspectives.

Design Major

Taking advantage of personality, reducing the learning in society.
In the company, the functions and awareness of “design” are undergoing tremendous changes in recent years. In order to adapt to the changes in the overall environment, even in the design major, you can also choose courses including crafts, CG, and animation to enrich your knowledge. The design major of our university is designed to allow students to demonstrate more possibilities in the new era.

Manga Major

Manga majors of modern Tokiwa-so.
Japanese comics and animations have attracted worldwide attention. Dynamic pictures are presented in a special way of grids, which is a unique style born in Japan. In this way, the colorful and connotative stories are called “fictions with a sense of picture” in Europe and America. Of course, in manga, not only the story itself, but also many elements are visually and intuitively displayed to convey the charm of comics. This kind of expression technique needs to be learned, understood, and then converted into your own capital. It is the goal of this major to be able to use these skills flexibly in society.

Campus address

4-8-15 Kamitomatsuri, Utsunomiya, Tochigi
There are free shuttle buses from JR Utsunomiya Station and Tobu Utsunomiya Station to the university.