Fukuyama University


Cultivating Imagination, Embracing Dream, Open the Future, Self-achievement!
Fukuyama University sets many courses that bring students practical progress, designated to cultivate students with independent action consciousness and guide their internal potential. The teaching objective is to make students master the learning ability and culture of many basic courses and endow them survival ability in the changeable modern society.


Faculty of Economics

Department of Economics

Three courses with the word "economic" as the key words
Students will learn a lot of economics and master the real practice by applying what they learn in “integrated economy”.
After students learn microeconomics・macroeconomics systematically, they will further learn economic mathematics, finance science, finance theory and other major subjects. Fukuyama University boasts complete facilities related to information and takes full use of them to strengthen students’ practice ability. The cultivation objective is not only an integrated position in a private company. Here also opens many courses for the admission tests of civil servants (administrative officials, policemen, firemen, etc.)

Students will learn many financial economic contents becoming centralized field and burning issues in this age in “financial economics course”.
The original “financial insurance course” has been reformed into present (financial economic course) in April 2014. Recently, financial information of Japan and the world reports every day in TV ・ newspaper. This course takes use of the data in the report of TV ・ newspaper and takes financial theory, Japanese economic theory, international financial theory and public finance theory as major subjects to overlook Japanese economy and the world economy, which is a charismatic course.

Students will learn sports economy and sports management related to sports in “sports management training course”.
In combination of learning physical exercise theory and developing practice subjects of leading athlete potential, the course is happy and interesting. Here not only cultivates sports directors or sports administrators of organizations.
Students may also get qualification of “health care physical education” teachers in junior-senior high schools and students also can fix their target as PE teachers in junior-senior high school.

Department of International Economics

Department of International Economics is designated to cultivate international talents master the world economy change trends and understand Japanese economy.
Students mainly learn macroeconomics, microeconomics, required basic subject of accounting department (designated to open practical abilities in views and business). Students learn the major subjects of international economy as well as economic subjects related to Europe, America, China and East Asia. To cultivate student’s practical application ability, here also provides opportunities of overseas investigation research and language study.

Department of Tax and Accounting

Students learning accounting, business science and economics are to understand these topics are being solved by enterprise operators in global integration process.
Students will strengthen their understanding about problems enterprise operators face, especially the understanding of local business management problems. Therefore, students need to learn bookkeeping, financial accounting, management accounting, etc. with regard to accounting. Students will learn business strategy, management organization and enterprise finance in business science. Students need to learn macroeconomics and microeconomics in economics. It is designated to cultivate successful businessmen.

Faculty of Human Cultures

Psychology Course

Students give in-depth study about the effect and action of psychology and cultivate “psychological supporters” able to support people.
Psychology is a subject about the finding of “heart” thoroughly, understanding the psychology of people with psychological problems, support and help them to solve their psychological problems. This major is designated to cultivate talents with culture and social vision as well as psychological basic ability, effective to build a healthy and rich society.

Department of Human Cultures

Department of Human Cultures is designated to the improvement and utilization of Japanese and deepening of the understanding of Japanese culture.
In Department of Human Cultures, students will learn Japanese language and expression, Japanese literature and cultural history, the ability of thinking and solving problems in Japanese as well as the discourse output presentation ability. Students give examination on the spot related to regional culture. Results of exploration & prospection have been worked into pamphlets that were handled to local people to practice their language output ability.

Department of Human Cultures cultivates students with culture as world citizens and foreign language ability and deepens their understanding of different cultures. Students learn language・literature・history of Europe, America and China to deepen different cultures on different cultures. With international culture as the world citizen, students may practice their expression ability and language output ability in a foreign language, study abroad in English circle and Chinese circle, make cultural research in Europe and Taiwan and experience different cultures through exchange study abroad so as to improve own practical language practice ability.

Department of Media and Information Studies

Students will explore communication design and information society.
Students also learn from traditional mass media to social media developing at a high speed and learn their own effects and functions. Students learn how to use media release own information in a flexible way. Therefore, students learn basic information design・communication・plan・publicity in theory. Of course, students will also learn practical operation ability through the content production exercise.

Faculty of Engineering

Department of Smart System

Department of Smart System configures lecture and internship, lecture and experiment effectively and students may learn knowledge and functions with practical applied value.
Department of Smart System is one of scarce subjects in Japan. To master necessary knowledge and skill of this major, students will configures lecture and internship, lecture and experiment effectively in the first year and make enough efforts to what gives profound impression.

Students may know the reason why students learn the management education of engineering.
students may achieve the target of working out goods and environment that make our life ease・safe. Therefore, students may confirm specific small objective, the methods of exploration ・ practice・reality evaluation (specific small objective) and apply these results into thorough research・practice. Through the course setting of the subject, students may confirm the course cycle management method of the objective, the method setting, the practice, evaluation and amendment and learn the self-research attitude and ability.

Department of Architecture

Two courses to create buildings and spaces
It is designated to be the “architecture course” for architects or architectural engineers.
Department of Architecture features that both graduates of literal arts and science can take the entrance examination. After consolidating a good base in the first and the second year, students may be divided into classes to learn according to own interest and hobbies and expand their individuality from the third year. In this course, students will learn design・plan・environment・construction and other knowledge to be architects or architectural engineers.

“Life environment design course” is to cultivate indoor designers would design better life environment.
This course is designated to cultivate indoor designers. The students are mainly engaged in indoor design of residence, commercial space, the residence environment of affordable housing and other various life environment design. Therefore, students will learn professional knowledge of people, objects, furniture, space and design and master the design technology and skills synthetically.

Department of Computer Science

Department of Computer Science is designated to cultivate IT worker aware of software and hardware with the research on computer and network as final target.
Department of Computer Science is designated to cultivate technicians “active in broad software development fields”, “network technicians with immediate and quick solution ability” and “system engineers with rich knowledge”. To become a bearer of future information-based society, a student will learn comprehensive knowledge and technology in an all-around way and cultivate experts with rich knowledge, which is our target.

Department of Mechanical Systems Engineering

Learn two courses mechanics and cars in professionally
In “Mechanical Systems” course, students will learn mechanical engineering knowledge required for “product production”, product design and other knowledge.
The study focuses on intelligent machine, organism・welfare, environmental engineering technology, heat flow ・energy and other fields expected to technical improvement leap development. Taking mechanical engineering as base and application as platform, students will master three-dimension CAD/CAM/CAE mechanical design ability, designated to cultivate technicians of design・development of future product production and the research.

In “automotive system course”, students mainly learn automotive engineering and automotive engineering.
Centering on experienced teachers in design ・ development in large automotive enterprises, here opens rich-content courses based on practice and students learn special knowledge of automotive engineering ・technology, designated to cultivate students apply what they learn. Students will be engineers master automotive engineering ・ technology. When students graduate, they will get qualification certificate of secondary automotive rigger.

Campus address

Take a direct bus from the exit of Fukuyama Station to Bus No. 6 Stop for about 30 minutes
Take a school bus at Matsunaga Station for about 10 minutes.