Osaka Jogakuin University・Osaka Jogakuin College


Surpass myself to be a better "me".
As a member of the world, students need to learn world topics through English. Our school thoroughly implements small class teaching, providing student-centered education, with the theme of "peace, human rights, culture, and environment". The three pillars of our education are Christian education, human rights education, and English education. We not only teach students language skills, but also cultivate students' ability to feel, to aware, to think, and to interact with others in their own language.


Department of International & English Interdisciplinary Studies

International & English Interdisciplinary Studies Major

Learning as the "me" in the world.
In this 4-year-study, students' self-awareness will be strengthened.They will master English skills while learning about world issues, then expand and deepen their knowledge and insights in the professional fields of "communication", "international cooperation" and "business". Students are divided into classes with English level as small-class English education is implemented. Students will use their iPads to learn "peace, human rights, culture, and environment" in English.

Campus address

2-26-54, Tamatsukuri, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka, 540-0004, Japan
7-min walk from Tamatsukuri Station of Osaka Metro
15-min walk from Tamatsukuri Station of JR Osaka Loop Line


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