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Setting “independent learning” in the international campus
The learning system of curriculum group allows the diversified learning. Students speak different languages including English and Chinese can be seen everywhere in our campus where is full of open and international atmosphere. Students can learn both extensive comprehensive knowledge and highly professional knowledge.


College of Arts and Sciences

English study, English study

Not only to use English, but also to think deeply about literature and culture in English circle
In today's political, business, media and other fields, English is the main language, and English speaking people all over the world is close to 1.5 billion. Mastering English is an opportunity to create new possibilities and encounters.

Chinese Language and Culture

Become the talents needed by the times, broaden the world with "available Chinese and useful Chinese culture"
For a long time from ancient times to modern times, China had a great influence on Japan in terms of ideology and literature. Moreover, in recent years, it has developed into the second largest economy in the world and built a new cultural circle.

Japanese Language

The foundation of mutual understanding is to cultivate experts in Japanese "language"
With the increase of Japanese and overseas personnel exchanges, the number of people learning Japanese is also increasing. This major provides help for diversified learning purposes of Japanese language, learning Japanese structure, Japanese teaching methods, Japanese teaching situation, foreign cultural understanding, etc., aiming to cultivate talents who can make contributions to multi-cultural symbiotic society through Japanese.


Real international people are also required to have a deep understanding of their own language and culture
This major requires not only to master the knowledge, literacy and professional research methods related to Japanese language and Japanese literature, but also to train comprehension, expression and thinking through Japanese language learning. Nowadays, internationalization, informatization and diversity of values are progressing. To establish a solid self, we need talents who can communicate flexibly and actively with people with various values and different cultural backgrounds. In-deoth knowledge of Chinese language and culture, and excellent use of Japanese can also be said to be necessary conditions for an educated international people. In-depth study of Japanese language and Japanese literature plays an important role in self understanding and self building. Making full use of these accomplishments to become a Mandarin teacher, employment report, publishing and other fields are also considered.

Religion. Philosophy

Through continuous questioning, confusion and distress, one can master the ability of thinking.
In calendars, such as 753, adult style, Obon festival, Christmas, the first month, religion is deeply rooted in life. Carefully observe this diversified religious phenomenon and explore its significance and essence. Specifically, the coexistence of multi-culture, multi-religion and the actual state of multi-religion dialogue and communication are intensively studied.

Psychology. Pedagogy (Vocational Education)

Cultivate experts who can connect with society and educate people at the same time
Psychology related subjects can be studied extensively and concretely. With the diversification of social values and the expansion of information represented by IT, it becomes more and more difficult for people to understand, but also create new communication problems.
In addition, the psychological problems in the educational scene represented by school bullying and not attending school, the psychological problems in interpersonal relationships, illegal crimes, the psychological problems behind social problems, and the psychological problems behind the mental and physical health represented by the stressful society are the symptoms of modern society. Many of these problems can be seen around. In this situation, the society can be said to have countless expectations of psychology on how to maintain and improve our physical and mental health.

History .Cultural Anthropology .Regional Research

Deep understanding and insight on multicultural and social phenomena
The goal of this major is to learn all kinds of different cultures on the earth, exercise our own culture in a relative way, and deepen the insight and understanding of human society and various cultural phenomena through a long-term vision.

International Relations .International Cooperation

What can we do to build a free and equal world?
"This major gives priority to learning about the world with its constructive spirit of" cultivating educated and knowledgeable international talents on the basis of Christian spirit ".
What is international relations? Is it the relationship between countries? Not only that, but the communication between people across borders is an important element in international relations.
In international relations, the trend of people and countries are complex. There are times of peace and times of war. Why does this happen? Is it because of the relationship between nations, or because of nations and religions?To find out the answer, we should take international politics and international law as the center, and learn all kinds of knowledge related to international relations. "


It aims to cultivate talents who know the economic structure and can be widely active in the world
"Although news related to the international economy has been heard, there are also people who think they have nothing to do with themselves. However, issues such as the appreciation of the Japanese yen or TPP are closely related to our lives.
For example, where is the origin of the clothes you wear now, and from which country are the ingredients for making lunch imported? Where is the economic crisis or disaster war, and trade stagnation. The economic situation of each country and the change of the earth's environment are related to the source of our life.
This major requires not only understand the structure of trade and international currency change, but also a broad grasp of the knowledge and education related to the economy of various countries, aiming to cultivate talents who can be active in the international development of enterprises in the future.

Environmental Science

It aims to think and solve environmental problems comprehensively and practically from all academic fields
The 21st century is known as the "Century of Environment", becaquse of global warming or the reduction of biodiversity. It is essential for people to solve the problems closely related to human survival. Environmental science is a practical subject aiming at solving these problems. It is called "comprehensive knowledge". It can be said that it is the most suitable science for students applying for free travel college. "It's impossible to study only on the desk", it requires the ability to judge and act on your own. In the "professional exercise", there are opportunities for field investigation and on-site visits to environmental issues, etc. In learning, they focus on the "sustainable society" and cultivate soft thinking.

Sociology. Information Science

To cultivate the ability to observe the society extensively and deeply and to think about the social structure.
"Sociology is one of the social sciences parallel to economics and political science, which takes society and culture as the research object. For us, our own society and culture have become very natural things around us. Therefore, in daily life, there are many people who stick to their views and ways of thinking on "common sense" matters related to society and culture. Sociology is a subject that keeps a certain distance from these natural "common sense" and clarifies the social structure hidden behind "common sense".
This subject, through studying society and culture, cultivates talents with a wide range of vision who understand various cultures different from their own, identify with each other and coexist in the international society and regional society. "

Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology

The ability to analyze and clarify things creatively with mathematical theories
"Mathematics is one of the oldest fields of knowledge and can be said to be the foundation of a civilized society.
This major contributes to the civilized society. Through systematic study of mathematics, it cultivates meaningful mathematical ability from the viewpoint of free travel.
Sort out and merge the fragmented mathematical knowledge previously learned, master the higher knowledge and thinking ability of mathematics that can also be continuously developed in modern times.While consolidating the foundation of mathematics,lectures and experiments using computer are also prepared to cultivate the rational thinking of number through experience. It is our goal to observe various natural, social and mathematical phenomena and analyze and clarify them with mathematical methods.

Linguistics. Semantic Expression

Not only master the knowledge of things theoretically, but also cultivate the ability of listening to opinions and express theoretically.
In the modern society, we strongly expect to give full play to our abilities and make contributions to the society. Therefore, the communication ability to establish smooth interpersonal communication is increasingly required.

College of Global Communication

Department of International language and Culture

In the rapidly evolving global society, master the necessary English or Chinese, to become an active person on the world stage.
All students study in one semester (about 15 weeks). It aims to improve the ability of foreign language application and gain a global perspective.

College of Business Management

Department of Business Management

In April 2019, Shinjuku campus was opened. Practice learning in CBD is to become a business person with highly rich technology.
Wander in the world of travel, hotel, business, finance, advertising, IT and other stage activities. Cultivate international business experts.

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3758 Tokiwa-machi, Machida-shi, Tokyo 194-0294 Japan