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Faculty of Management

Department of Management

Learn about management in a wide variety of organizations, from sports to business and regional development.
"In Faculty of Management, we will develop human resources who have acquired management skills from learning about a wide variety of organizations.
Through carrying out small-group seminars, we will learn from specialized areas such as sports, political economy, law, tourism, and IT to city development which students are interested in.
The internships in various enterprises are also fulfilling. "

Faculty of Social Welfare

Department of Social Welfare

We realize learning that is useful after employment by step of lecture → practice → practical training.
The Step of “Lecture, Seminars and Hands-on Training” will bring useful learning experience even after employment.
Enriching personality and sociability through the communications in between students and teachers in addition to acquiring the specialties such as knowledge and skills required to actively work in welfare field in the future.
In the 1st and 2nd grades, students obtain knowledge repeatedly through lectures and seminars. In the 3rd and 4th grades, students expands what they have learned into hands-on trainings and gain skills and qualifications which are directly adoptable for the employment.

Faculty of Fine Arts

Department of Design

Learning art, design, illustration, manga 3 majors, 10 courses paves the way for professionals.
If you have strong interest in arts and motivation in creating art works, even if you do not have any experience in drawing and painting in high schools, the Department of Design at Seisa Dohto University will be the ideal place to study. We are confident to bring your motivation into outcome through our credited coaching.
At the Department of Design, students can learn arts such as painting, sculpture, engraving and crafting, designs of graphics, WEB, CG and products and writings of illustration, manga and animation.
This course allows students, who are from beginners to experienced, to develop individual's talents through the coaching modified personally. Obtaining skills which are required in design industry through this teaching method will lead them to become artists along with finding employment.

Department of Architecture

The only department of architecture in the Faculty of Fine Arts in Hokkaido. Learn architecture from a design perspective.
It is only Seisa Dohto University which provide the opportunity to learn architecture not at a Faculty of Engineering but at a Faculty of Fine Arts.
The architectural basic subjects such as structural calculation and building low are the same as the other Engineering faculties, however we provide more multifaceted architectural factors from the aspect ofr architectural design subjects such as building design and interior design.
Students will learn architectural special field such as interior, housing and urban planning to help making people's life more affluent from the aspect of architecture. During the four years of study, students can experience professionalism of architectural designs often.

Campus address

149 Nakanosawa, Kitahiroshima city,Hokkaido,
16 minutes from JR Sapporo Station
20 minutes from JR New Chitose Airport Station
8 minutes from JR Kitahirosihma Station
(Free shuttel bus services available during the school terms)
※Out of Service on Saturdays, Sundays, Public holidays and No lecture days