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Application May.1,2019 - July.15,2019
Written test July.20,2019
Interview test July.29, 2019
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● 16 minutes from JR Sapporo Station
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● 8 minutes from JR Kitahirosihma Station (Free shuttel bus services available during the school terms)
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Employment condition of past graduates
Faculty of Management, Department of Management
■Japan Air Self-Defense Force ■Hokkaido Railway Company ■Hitachi, Ltd. ■Sohgo Security Services Co.,Ltd. etc

Faculty of Social Welfare, Department of Social Welfare
■Sapporo-Kosei General Hospital ■Japanese Red Cross Kitami Hospital ■Tsukui Corporation ■Sapporo High School for Handicapped Children etc

Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Design
■Sapporo Art Museum ■Fast Retailing Co., Ltd. ■Morimoto Co., Ltd. ■ Hand Made Co., Ltd. etc

Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Architecture
■Nihon House Holdings Co., Ltd. ■Ichijo Co., Ltd. ■Nihon Toshi Sekkei ■Art Create Co., Ltd. etc
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SEISA Dohto University Faculty of Management
Department of Management
Learning content Learn management methods in various organizations such as sports, business and local development. At the faculty of management, we are aiming to foster human resources with strong management skills through leaning various aspect of organizations. Student are able to learn deep knowledge depending on their various interests such as sports, political economy, laws, tourism, IT, civil services and even urban development. There are ample of opportunities for internships supported by the university too.
Course characteristics There are three majors in the Department of Management to enable students to learn.

Major in Sports Management
The course is for the students who want to be involved in management of sports teams and to pass on the pleasure of sports widely through various lectures and classes regardless of being professional or armature.

 Business administration study is necessary for sports team operations. Especially learning management enables students to develop their detailed analysis skills about sports promotions from the aspect of business.

Major in Business Creation
This major allows business intended students to develop their knowledge and the ways of thinking which are necessary for business operations. In this course, the students will learn wide range of business related administrative fields to begin with management, economics, financial theory and laws.

 We are aiming to foster abilities to be adaptable businessmen and entrepreneurs with the skills of getting involved in management analysis and operations and proposing starting-up new projects.

Major in Community Design
Students can learn theories and methods of enriching community areas where people make their living through planning urban development and local encouragement, for instance. This major is especially for the students who are aiming to work as a part of organizations and companies such as civil services and NPO.

 Our target is raising wide-ranging human resources who can involve in organizational operations based on the knowledge of management. Furthermore, we started to provide learning opportunities for obtaining the qualification of “Sports Social Workers”.
Tuition paid by students in the first academic year 1,237,660 yen(predetermined)
SEISA Dohto University Faculty of Social Welfare
Department of Social Welfare
Learning content The Step of “Lecture, Seminars and Hands-on Training” will bring useful learning experience even after employment.
 Enriching personality and sociability through the communications in between students and teachers in addition to acquiring the specialties such as knowledge and skills required to actively work in welfare field in the future.
 In the 1st and 2nd grades, students obtain knowledge repeatedly through lectures and seminars. In the 3rd and 4th grades, students expands what they have learned into hands-on trainings and gain skills and qualifications which are directly adoptable for the employment.
Course characteristics At the Faculty of Social Welfare, class registration models are consisted for each student matching with their future objectives based on the foundation subjects of Certified Social Worker Program. Course registration advisory teachers are available to answer the inquires about obtaining qualifications.

Major in Social Work
Learn how social assistance currently is and how it should be in the future to develop a social environment which enables all the people including elderlies, people with physical and psychological disabilities and their families to pursue their happiness.

 One of our objectives is also to obtain national qualifications of Certified Social Worker and Psychiatric Social Worker which are widely required to have to work in a welfare field as a consequence of study.

Major in Childcare
Fostering “Children-raising support Social Workers” with gaining the knowledge and skills of social work to work widely as a childcare and also school children instructors who can work at residential institutions for children.

 It will also learn the method of counselling supports which are necessary not only for children but also their gradians. This course also allows students to obtain the qualification of Child Care Worker automatically with graduation.

Major in Welfare Psychology
Learn the theories and methods of assisting people who have difficulties in keeping their psychological balance. Learning the skills of counselling practically brings the students the advantage of being familiar to thoughtful social work.

 This course will allow students to obtain the qualification of “Certified Psychologist” and the eligibility requirements for the examinations of “Psychiatric Social Worker” and “Certified Social Worker”.

Major in Special Needs Education
This major is for the people who want to become teachers of special needs assisting schools to support the children with intellectual and physical difficulties. Students will learn processes of planning teaching contents and personalized method for each child and put them into practice.

 In our university, students can proceed obtaining the teaching license of “Special Needs Teachers, Intellectual and Physical difficulties and Invalidism)” after obtaining the teaching licenses of “Junior High School, Social Studies” or “High School Geography, History and Civics”.
Tuition paid by students in the first academic year 1,237,660 yen(predetermined)
SEISA Dohto University Faculty of Fine Arts
Department of Design
Learning content If you have strong interest in arts and motivation in creating art works, even if you do not have any experience in drawing and painting in high schools, the Department of Design at Seisa Dohto University will be the ideal place to study. We are confident to bring your motivation into outcome through our credited coaching.
 At the Department of Design, students can learn arts such as painting, sculpture, engraving and crafting, designs of graphics, WEB, CG and products and writings of illustration, manga and animation.
 This course allows students, who are from beginners to experienced, to develop individual's talents through the coaching modified personally. Obtaining skills which are required in design industry through this teaching method will lead them to become artists along with finding employment.
Course characteristics Develop students strong points through studying foundations of art, design, illustration and manga. We have a fantastic learning environment to focus on creative activities.

Major in Arts
In this major, students will learn various art skills from both aspects of theory and practice. Actual creating experience brings familiarity in techniques and expand this experience to creative activities.

 The categories we provide are:
・Western Paintings (Oil Paintings/Tempera/Watercolor Paintings)
・Japanese Paintings
・Engraving (Silk Screen/Lithograph)
・Sculpture (Wood caving/Stone caving/Clay Figures/Installation Art)
・Crafting (Pottery/Glass Art/Woodworking/Metal crafting)
And more...

Major in Design
Get familiar to the ways of creating designs of our daily life such as advertisement, packaging and websites. The students will obtain sufficient practical knowledge and skills which will be useful at work through creating practices at the same time.

 The categories allows students to learn are below;
・Graphic Design
・Web sites and Contents design
・2D and 3D CG
・Product design
And more...

Major in Illustration and Manga
The opportunities to learn from professional Manga writers and illustrators directly is available. The main objective of this major is developing practical ability as a professional. Students are also able to obtain the teacher's license of art with a unique specialization of illustration and manga through our teacher training program.

 The categories allow students to learn are;
・Digital Drawing
・Picture Books
And more...
Tuition paid by students in the first academic year 1,587,660 yen(predetermined)
SEISA Dohto University Faculty of Fine Arts
Department of Architecture
Learning content It is only Seisa Dohto University which provide the opportunity to learn architecture not at a Faculty of Engineering but at a Faculty of Fine Arts.
 The architectural basic subjects such as structural calculation and building low are the same as the other Engineering faculties, however we provide more multifaceted architectural factors from the aspect ofr architectural design subjects such as building design and interior design.
 Students will learn architectural special field such as interior, housing and urban planning to help making people's life more affluent from the aspect of architecture. During the four years of study, students can experience professionalism of architectural designs often.
Course characteristics There are two majors available at the Department of Architecture to let students choose from their future objectives. At both majors, students will fill the requirements of taking the examination of "Registered Architect of the Second Class" after their graduation. The curriculum is also planned to become a qualified architect of the first class which is able to obtained after several architectural experience.

Major in Architecture
The aim of this major is to foster architectural engineers with the ability to start their own business such as house building design and store design and so on. The curriculum is programmed for passing the examination of "Registered Architect of the Second Class" after the graduation. We support students by analyzing their weak and strong points and suggest the way of studying to get the students prepared for the examination confidently. We look after our graduates until they achieve obtaining the license with opening the preparation course for it to our graduates too.

Major in Architectural Design
In this major, students will learn comprehensive architectural design ideas from urban planning to house interior. We consider production of work and presentations as important factors and because of this students can obtain the useful presentation tools such as 3DCAD and Animation creation. Students can develop these kind of practical skills at this department. Also we support them to obtain architectural qualifications such as Real Estate Broker which will be an advantage for getting a job in the future.
Tuition paid by students in the first academic year 1,587,660 yen(predetermined)