A traditional school for women's education with a history of 100 years
Jumonji University is 30 minutes away from the center of Tokyo. There are 3 departments and 9 majors can be studied in this beautiful green campus. The mission of the Jumonji Unidersity is to cultivate gentle and generous women who can contribute to the creation of a better society.




With language as the core, women who have profound insights into culture and art are being trained in this major. By mastering appropriate and high-level Japanese language skills and logical thinking skills, students can be equipped the ability to convey one's own thoughts and share ideas to the other party accurately. Moreover, by making full use of cultural and artistic knowledge, well-educated women who contribute to society are being cultivated in this programme.
●Japanese Language and Japanese Literature Course
Students can learn the "ancient" and "modern" of Japanese and Japanese culture, and to hone the sense of language. There are also comparative studies of current manga, animation and classical literature in this course.

●Multicultural understanding and symbiosis Course
This course cultivates students' curiosity and enables them to master the skills of communicating with the world. There are also project studies for international students and Japanese students to participate in this course.

●Art and Culture Course
Students can actually experience and learn colorful art and hone the artistic sense in this course. Traditional arts contents such as Kabuki, Bunraku, and Japanese painting are also provided.

Campus address

10-minute walk from JR Niiza Station.
2--1-28, Sugasawa, Niiza, Saitama


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