Niigata Agro-Food University


I will change the future of food.
Learn food, agriculture, and business together for the purpose of "food generalists" with advanced expertise and "development of ready-to-use human resources in the real world"


Faculty of Food Industries

Department of Food Industries,

Learning about food, agriculture and business through an integrated program
During the four years of this program, students learn about the three key aspects of science, technology and business. As the course progresses, they develop the ability to engage in logical and creative scientific thinking, and hone their capability to innovate, communication skills and ability to flourish on the international stage.
Through an educational system and content with the following five distinctive key areas of focus, we seek to help students become “food generalists” – the kinds of human resources who will go on to play wide-ranging roles in food industries.
1) Cross-sectional education system consisting of 1 department and 3 courses
2) Lessons which place stress on regional cooperation and practical skills that nurture students’ readiness to work effectively in society
3) State of the art facilities and equipment that help students pursue cutting edge research
4) A team of elite professors and lecturers who possess practical knowledge and skills placing them at the forefront of their respective fields
5) Global education in which students develop global perspectives

Campus address

Tainai campus
2416 Hiranedai, Niigata Prefecture
Free school bus from JR Nakajo Station (about 15 minutes)

Niigata Campus
940 Shimami-cho, Kita-ku, Niigata-shi, Niigata