Utsunomiya Kyowa University


To face the dream of one another, there is something to learn about.
"By studying the city life, economic and urban development of the city, we aim to develope human resources who can be active in various scenes in the city.
To solve the problems of social life due to the urbanization, information technology, and globalization, the city is our study material, researching the whole life cycle in the city from new born to become adults, and from adults to old age. We conduct the education and research to realise the importance of the relationship in between with the society. "


City Life Faculty

City Life Department

We conduct multi-faceted discussion based on the economics in order to resolve the problems of cities and society.
City life science is about "Science of the city life, economic and urban development". Being the best "learning place" in "city" or "town", we first understand the features of the structure and activities, and from there to find out a concrete solution to the various problems that occur. Based on the economics, we actively learn the business administration, sociology, public administration, accounting and law.

Campus address

Utsunomiya city campus
〒320-0811 Tochigi prefecture Utsunomiya city, Odori 1-3-18