The goal is to become a psychologist who can be active in the world.
・Selection from "Certified Psychologist Course" to bring up human resources who are active in medical, welfare, education and industry as psychology counselors, and "Business psychology course" to bring up human resources who are active in general companies to learn psychology useful for employment Possible.
・The exclusive internship place for psychological work in Japan – “Psychiatry • Psychosomatic Internal Medicine Bunkyoku Clinic (Hospital)”
・Guided by neurologists in active service
・International students enjoy a 100% exemption of enrollment fee, and a 50% exemption of tuition fees.
・Livable environment


Faculty of Psychology

Certified Psychologist Course

This specialized course is for people who want to be a psychology counselor. If you go on to graduate school, you will be eligible for "Certified Psychologist," who is a "National Qualification".
For example, there is such a class.

〇Psychological therapy
Learn the communication skills needed for a psychology counselor.
〇Psychological assessment
Learn how to understand people's minds.
〇Social ・ group ・ family psychology
Learn about the psychology of people who appear in group scenes.
〇Mental disease and its treatment
Understand the mental illness and learn about the support you need to recover.
〇Developmental psychology
Learn how people's hearts grow and change.

Business psychology course

It is a course for people who are interested in economics and want to use psychology in society.
For example, there are such classes.

〇Psychology of color · image · impression>
Learn about the psychological effects that affect product development, PR activities, and impression formation in sales and presentations.>
〇Marketing, consumer psychology>
Understand the psychology of consumers and learn how to use them in sales strategies.>
〇Behavioral economics>
Learn about the mechanisms of people's economic decisions.>
〇Stress management theory>
Learn the methodology to survive modern stress society.>
〇Positive psychology>
Discuss and learn the psychology necessary for individuals and societies to move in a positive direction.

Campus address

2-1-1, Bunkyodai, Ube-shi, Yamaguchi Prefecture,Yamaguchi
15 minutes by bus from JR Sanyo Main Line "Ube Station"