Sapporo Gakuin University


Walk Together Creating the Future.
As a comprehensive liberal arts university with 4 departments, 7 majors, it covers a wide range of fields. We firmly understand the motivation that students want to learn. It is equipped with experience-based learning, various support systems, qualification acquisition measures, study abroad, substantial educational environments, etc.


Faculty of Economics and Business Administration

Department of Economics

Delve into the depths of economic issues and develop professionals who can respond to the times
Deepen your knowledge in a wide range of social science fields with a focus on economics, develop the ability to analyze the modern economy from multiple angles with an international and regional perspective, and use that knowledge and analytical ability to develop regions and industries. Develop people who can contribute to

Department of Business Administration

Learn about the workplace, acquire independence and strategic thinking, and hone the skills to be immediately effective in all business situations centered on management.
While focusing on business administration as a study of problem discovery and problem solving, by acquiring knowledge and analytical methods of accounting and financial theory, you can contribute to the development of organizations and regions, and also develop the ability to understand different cultures and communicate. By increasing your ability
The aim is to develop people who can contribute to globalization.

Faculty of Humanities

Department of Human Sciences

Find "I want to do" , Get "I want to be", through 5 areas.
Capture the multifaceted aspects of human beings from society, welfare, psychology and education, culture and thought in an interdisciplinary way. In addition, it is characterized by the curriculum which you are most interested in, and research deeply.

Department of English Language and Literature

ocus on small-group education by native speakers.
As you can use English, the universal language smoothly, and be able to express your thoughts in your own words, then you can expand your fields infinitely, and build a wide communication network.

Department of Child Development

Elementary school teacher, childcare professional, with the aim of being child education specialists
Intelligence to understand children’s development and education problems from a rich perspective.

Training active elites act as an elementary school teacher who equipped with the ability to think flexibly of the opportunity of "learning happily",
as a childcare professional, and as an expert to support the development of children.

Faculty of Psychology

Department of Clinical Psychology

Attach importance to experience-oriented courses which insure to experience firsthand, experience in person
Only lecture is not enough to understand people’s mind. In the department of clinical psychology, a variety of experience-oriented courses are arranged. A major pillar of departmental education is to realize and feel by oneself, so we provide experience of facilities outside the university including Experimental practice, painting therapy, visiting disabled children (person) facilities and juvenile classification centers, in order to understand the mechanism of people’s mind by actually collected data through role play that alternates role of counselor and client, assessment of intelligence, development and personality, observation, survey and experiment including.

Faculty of Jurisprudence

Department of Jurisprudence

Combine the field of law, politics, economy and information
"Objective analytical ability" "Legal thinking ability" "Logical problem solving ability" that trained by learning the three courses (Advance Standard CUP course) based on legal thinking (Legal mind), can be useful in every field in the future.

Campus address

【Ebetsu campus】
11 Bunkyodai, Ebetsu City, Hokkaido
Depart from Sapporo Station (bound for Ebetsu, Iwamizawa) ⇒ Get off at Marijuana Station

【Shin-Sapporo Campus】
5-1-1 Atsubetsu Chuo 1-jo, Atsubetsu-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido
Depart from JR Sapporo Station (Rapid Airport bound for New Chitose Airport) ⇒ Get off at JR Shin-Sapporo Station