Contribute to the true practical power of society through dental education.
The Department of Dentistry is located in Yokohama,an international city close to Japan's largest Chinatown, and so far more than 5,400 excellent dentists have been trained.
By collaborating with Tsurumi University Dental Hospital, you can become an expert in dentistry.


Department of Dentistry


Develop the future of dental medicine in the international metropolis, Yokohama.
The distinctive feature of the dental department is that it focuses on clinical training from the fifth year. In clinical training, one student is in charge of 5 to 7 patients and consults with a teaching teacher. This is a practical training that can only be performed with the cooperation of patients, and it can be said that the environment is blessed even if viewed nationwide. In addition, we have an integrated subject called "medical science and human science" to learn the sensitivities and judgments that are essential for medical personnel.

Campus address

2-1-3 Tsurumi, Tsurumi-ku, Yokohama 230-8501