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Faculty of Engineering

Department of Mechanical and Electrical System Engineering

Join the Next Generation of Global Engineers
At KUAS, students begin to design and construct robots, microcomputer systems, and web applications from the first year. In their third and fourth years, students undertake a Capstone Project to deepen their connection to local companies. All students at KUAS study the interrelation between 13 different disciplines of engineering, including design and production, robotics, measurement, dynamics, control, materials, ionics, electromagnetics, actuators, energy, devices, circuits, and communication. After graduation, students may seek careers in industries such as automobiles, industrial electronics, motors, semiconductors, machinery, chemistry, electrical machinery, information processing, and more. Students may also pursue a graduate degree at KUAS’ Graduate Department of Engineering to deepen their knowledge and expertise.

Campus address

Uzumasa Campus
18 Yamanouchi Gotandacho, Ukyo Ward, Kyoto, 615-8577