Chubu Gakuin University


To learn health care·education·welfare·business and other professional knowledge and bring talents full of humanity to the society
We teach with strong cooperation from authorities, businesses and welfare institutions in the Tokai Region and launch our courses. Our university features an excellent learning atmosphere for developing workers who will contribute to social development.


Human Welfare Department

Human Welfare Major

From children to elderly people and from family members to people from all fields, human welfare is the knowledge designated to support their life and to create happiness and harmonious society. Our program develops students who will get national certifications from passing examinations of social welfare workers, psychological care workers and nursing welfare workers.
We provide our students with approaches of understanding human psychological features and structure and the ability of application in actual society. Our program develops civil servants who will serve in psychology or welfare as well as marketing or commodity development and psychological consultation experts who will serve in advertisement or markup industries.

〈Health Management Major〉 Today’s society is full of tumultuous changes. It is therefore essential to understand social trends and the attitudes of people in diversified and complex communities.
Students majoring in Management will become human resources equipped with the information collecting ability, planning ability, and execution ability required in the sectors that support people’s lives, such as the financial and insurance sectors, the marketing departments for firms specializing in welfare information and equipment, and life planning.

Faculty of Education

Department of Children Education

Related to region, facing children. Take rich on-site experience as strength and practice "live to learn".
The curriculum of learning children's coping ability is very substantial

Through close cooperation with the nursery schools, kindergartens and primary schools in Kakamigahara, we can make full use of the nearby facilities for nursery education in classroom and practice, cultivate practical nursery teachers and prepare their training courses on the spot. Through one-year internship or volunteer experience in the city, such as learning to support "teaching in Terakoya" and "next generation training career", the understanding of infants and children, on-site understanding is greatly improved, and the ability to solve problems related to children is cultivated.
Learn in the "Forest Learning Program"

In addition to the licensed and qualified professional courses, the "Forest Learning Program" in the courses for kindergarten teachers and child-care workers will also be launched in the primary and secondary school teaching courses. This program aims to cultivate outstanding, effective nursery teachers, kindergarten teachers, primary school teachers, junior middle school teachers, etc. "

College of Sports and Health Sciences

Department of Sports and Health Sciences

Support a life with sports
Support a sporty life and cultivate passionate experts
People who spend holidays and vacations with positive interests, people who try hard in amateur competitions
People who have the habits of running and walking for health and beauty


Now the number of people enjoying sports on a daily basis is increasing.
What these people need is expects who master sports and health scientifically, and can give advice and guidance correctly.

The "College of Sports and Health Science" opened in April 2017 is centered on sports science and health science,
Extensive study of medical, education, welfare and other fields.
Become a strong partner of people who love sports and train reliable experts.

Improve the possibility of learning cooperation
The study field of the "College of Sports and Health Science" is a research field integrating other fields.
It is closely related to the field of recuperation (physiotherapy, nursing, welfare, education) set up by the school.

The curriculum of the "College of Sports and Health Science" focus on sports science and health science, carries out various practical learning, thus obtaining higher value of professionalism.
While expanding rapidly in active fields, it also gives people great strength.

Campus address

Kagamigahara Campus
30-1 Naka Oidacho Kiligaoka, Kagamigahara City, Gifu Prefecture

Seki Campus
2-1 Kirigaoka, Seki City, Gifu Prefecture, Japan