Digital Hollywood University


Students who learn films, CG, game creation, design, anime, Web sites, IT program and other professional knowledge and English ability will be active in the whole world after graduation.
In addition to films, CG, design and other professional knowledge, our students also need to learn English, common senses, culture and professional vocational education in order to cultivate professionals have social and international deep consideration abilities and will shoulder on the future development of Japan.


Faculty of Digital Communications

Department of Digital Information

Course characteristics
Students can freely choose films, CG, game program, business poster design, anime, Web, business, leading end media, etc. by contrast to own future target.
Students can either choose to focus on a field of professional interest, or learn multiple fields. In addition to digital technology, students may also learn comprehensive advertising, script production, and the production of factsheet shooting (documentary), etc.Our program cultivates professionals master digital technology and simulate production.

English program
Students can make English music video and challenge English play as well as follow native English teachers to learn English happily. Besides, our university also open lectures of TOEIC(R) for job hunting and TOEFL(R) for overseas study. It is necessary to improve English ability on the stage of the world.

Campus address

3F・4F Ochanomizu Sola City Academia, 4-6 Surugadai, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 101-0062