Showa Women's University


Connect with the world, economic and society
A study abroad system that covers liberal arts that creates specialized education and dignity, a system to acquire fundamental society skills, in each department. With the campus located in the city center, provides a fulfilling environment to nurture a women to acquire global power and productive in society.


Faculty of Humanities and Culture

Department of Japanese Language and Literature

In depth study of Japanese language, literature, culture and cultivation of insight
In the international community in the future, it will be very important to learn ourselves and narrate matters in our own language. By learning the Japanese language, literature and culture , we will cultivate talents who are educated as international people and connect with the world with the power of language.To master the indispensable expressive and communicative abilities in any field, and to cultivate useful abilities in society.

Department of History and Culture

Equal attention to literature research and practice as well as on-the-spot investigation and research, real-time exploration of history and culture
It is not a superficial description of when and what history is, but an emphasis on practice and field research while reading literature.Through internships in museums, such as how to handle Japanese pottery and paintings; experience dyeing and weaving as well as hand writing and paper in workshops; visit,learn and listen to the sacrificial ceremonies and activities around the country to explore history and culture in the field.

Faculty of International Humanities

Department of English Language and Communication

Practice English skills, improve knowledge, and cultivate talents who can be active in cross-cultural exchanges and business circles
English is one of the communication tools. When we talk about culture in English, can we talk about the success of intercultural communication and negotiation with professional dialogue in English. In this major, students will learn English professional ability and communication ability from three aspects of culture, language and communication by learning British and American culture, history, gender differences in wording, business English and computer English skills.

Department of International Studies

Adopt multiple experiential courses to facilitate mastering the necessary abilities in the international community
The curriculum is full of research courses on different regions of the world and of course on Japanese society. There are courses to learn the current business situation at home and abroad, courses to learn and practice IT skills, translation and interpretation. There are plenty of lectures, including those who experience NPO activities, how to become professional and civil servant elite, etc. Field research, field experience practice and international volunteers

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Department of Psychology

Study interesting topics from 4 fields of clinical, society, education and cognitive psychology
"Clinical psychology" that guides people's psychological stability according to psychotherapy such as psychological counseling. "Social Psychology" that considers human actions and reasons from the perspective of interpersonal relationships."Developmental Psychology" that think about the role of human mind's development and growth from infants to adults. "Cognitive psychology" which studies the thinking process. Starting from these four fields of psychology, students combine their own interests and future goal learning.

Department of Social Welfare

Contribute to the creation of a well-being society with the professionalism of well-being
Cultivate welfare professionals (social worker) who are qualified as social welfare workers, mental health welfare workers or conservationists, who can deal with social problems such as abuse, poverty gap, social isolation and try to solve the "mind", "body" and "life" problems of welfare users and their families.

Department of Contemporary Liberal Arts

While studying practical social science, master the skills of applying knowledge in real society.
Learn sociology, media and international relations from a practical point of view. At the same time, through the study of ability and skill subjects (language ability, it technology ability, scheme display and planning ability, social investigation method and skill, etc.) (such as language skills, which require knowledge and analysis as well as the literacy of modern people), master the ability to use knowledge in real society. From the beginning of Grade 12, deepen knowledge in three directions: "social society", "media media" and "global international".

Department of Elementary Education

Focus on "the formation of human beings" and "the education and cultivation of modern society", cultivate the ability to feel charm of human nature and social activities
In the future, educators need to have the "charm of personality" that can guide children's ability and the "social ability" to study and solve social and educational problems surrounding children.This subject has human formation theory, educational sociology, media, environment and human rights education to help students develop themselves and develop the ability to grasp modern problems (from the world to local society).

Faculty of Environmental Science and Design

Department of Health Science

Select from four courses of design and production, architecture, interior decoration design, product design and clothing design management
students will study overall planning in the course of design and production, and in the course of architectural interior decoration design, study from interior decoration to residential, architectural and urban planning. Learn the design and planning ability of daily necessities in the product design course. In the course of clothing design management, study the design and production of clothing, the process of clothing industry, etc.

Faculty of Life and Environmental Sciences

Department of Food Science and Nutrition

Learn the high-level knowledge and skills to provide health support in the field of medical treatment, health care and well-being
Learn how to work together with other experts in the field of medical, health care and wellbeing in a team to provide food therapy and nutrition guidance, and learn high knowledge and skills to provide health support for patients and consultants with problems. In addition, it provides strong backing for obtaining the qualification of national management nutritionist.

Department of Health Science

Scientifically study health, acquire various qualifications and master various knowledge and technologies.
According to the nutritionist cultivation teaching plan, students can obtain the nutritionist qualification upon graduation. Scientifically learn to add "health" to sports, sensory and food science fields, obtain many qualifications such as food experts, teachers, health exercise guidance, etc., and train health experts who can provide overall support for people's health.

Department of Food Safety and Management

Grasp the ability to use one's skill in the food field.
Through food safety and management centered on distribution, economy and management, comprehensive management ability can be obtained in a balanced way In marketing and management, students learn from basic knowledge to application programs (e.g. social survey, store management, risk management and business planning). Through project practice involving companies and communities, practice the knowledge learned in the classroom.

Faculty of Global Business

Department of Business Design

In the future, the power of women in business is indispensable. What the society needs in the future is women who have accumulated experience in the workplace, have necessary experience, knowledge and judgment, and can play a leading role.
She has the ability to design her own career for the changes of women's life in all stages. It aims to cultivate the ability to use English and the spirit of internationalization in the business world by bringing education and knowledge into full play in any situation and joining in business skills.

Department of Accounting and Finance

Study high theory and Practice
We offer a wide range of courses from fundamentals to accounting and financial practice for experienced teachers in financial institutions, tax accountants, law majors and degree programs (MBA, PhD), who aim to pass the bookkeeping and FP technician qualification examinations in the first and second years. In the third and fourth years, students will learn practical business and acquire the skills required by the society through seminars, internships and project activities with enterprises.

Campus address

1-7-57 Taishido, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 154-8533, Japan