Miyazaki International College


Develop global talents by oversea research and study in English
Miyazaki International College (MIC), established in 1994, was founded to develop the people with higher culture qualities and English ability. Our International Liberal Arts is the second best department in Japan.


School of International Liberal Arts

Department of Comparative Culture

By a team of international professors to carry out the education courses. And almost all of the courses are taught in English.
In order to develop global talents with rich knowledge and strong ability of thinking and language. We set up the courses, which taught by a team of professors with international characteristics. As characteristic of our school, almost all of the courses are taught by English. In order to train our students' ability of thinking, English communication and speaking ability, etc. Education courses are made up of the humanities, social sciences, and Integrated Sciences. Not only to improve our students’ Cultural attainments, let them master the ability of flexible thinking and multi angle view, but also to make English teaching smoothly, until ended by the early courses of second year, generally are taught by the team with two professors.

Campus address

1405 Kano, Kiyotake,
Miyazaki 889-1605, Japan