Gifu Shotoku Gakuen University


Career support provided by our university with a wealth of human education and students, teachers, and staff.
"Education based on the spirit of Buddhism." in the spirit of our university.Introduced a curriculum that balances learning and practice. We are proud of the high employment rate in companies.


Faculty of Foreign Languages

Department of Foreign Languages International career course

Develop the talented human resources who gain insight into international affairs and actively engaged in international society.
Regard to the variety of societal situation and intercultural differences, acquire a wide range of etiquette and international manner, and at the same time learn the advanced English communication skill. Needless to say Business English, but aspire to develop the talented human resources who are internationally active and versatile, also bring forth the real international individual who confidence to carry own opinion and best serve to the world.

Faculty of Economics and Information

Department of Economic Information

Economics・Management・Information to be learned equally and balanced, acquire wide range of knowledge and skills, also with flexible thinking.
There are a lots of places where you can learn how to operate a PC and the information technology. However, beyond that, what will be sought after in future society is the flexible responding ability and creativity. The possibility of further expansion from one’s self way of thinking, that is based on knowledge and skills.
Therefore, our faculty takes in an all-round and balanced learning between Economics・Management・Information, and conduct education that further expand student's potential.

Campus address

Hashima Campus
1-1 Takakuwanishi, Yanaizu-cho, Gifu-shi, Gifu 501-6194, Japan
TEL: +81-58-279-0804

Gifu Campus
1-38 Nakauzura, Gifu-shi, Gifu 500-8288, Japan
TEL: +81-58-278-0711


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