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You can realize your dream in the future at the University of Marketing and Distribution Sciences!
To help students to become “the person they want to be”, the University prepares very rich educational curriculum. Within six months after entering the University, students will have the opportunity to listen to recommendations given by famous entrepreneurs in the community and many insiders, can also learn about what help can the study in the University provide to their work in the future through exchanges with graduates of this university, and can be deeply aware of their future dreams as well as the possibilities to realize their dreams.
As long as you make sure the career ideal for you in the future, master certain professional knowledge, pass the exclusive “Talent Education Program” of the University, work together with enterprises or regions to carry out career planning, make speeches and adopt other active learning methods, you shall master the comprehensive abilities necessary for work in the future.
In addition, the University also specially sets up a consulting service window for overseas students, where you can consult any questions concerning no matter schoolwork or life, part-time jobs, making friends, communications and visa access. Come to realize your dream at the University of Marketing and Distribution Sciences!


Faculty of Commerce

Department of Management

Learn outstanding organizational theory
・Retail management course
To learn cutting-edge retail business mechanism such as characteristic and distribution of retails industry, marketing and so on.
To learn the retail industry such as Japan top retailers dominated in Japan and Asia’s market, convenience stores, local supermarket, which is necessary for consumers life.
・Management Strategy Course
Reveal the problem in corporation and organization and acquire the problem-solving ability
Approaching the issue faced by corporation such as cost management and business strategy to acquire problem-solving ability which is needed by a leader.
Learn about what a company aim for, knowledge of branding to make difference from other competitor company.The biggest feature is can learn practical skills from top leaders from various industries.
・Accounting course
One can acquire wide knowledge of book-keeping and accounting knowledge through practical learning and taking the accounting certification examination. Research conducted under optimum viewpoint for business management on both standpoint of management and accounting, one can learn the knowledge of book-keeping and accounting. Learning the financial statement of corporation and organization by analyzing graph and data.

Department of Marketing

Thinking about the connection with consumers
・Marketing course
To learn the basic of marketing, acquire the ability to produce consumers preferred products.
Learning the marketing from basic to strategic marketing, understanding customers’ needs, design ability to generate product value, increase communication ability and raise the ability to response to the needs of consumers accurately. Besides, practical lectures such as product development can train to gain more idea which can make use in business.
・Distribution system course
To understand the system of “Distribution” for products and learn the modern distribution system practically.
what route can we take to deliver the products and services produced by company to the hands of our consumers? It is to learn the cutting edge system of logistics and distribution

Faculty of Economics

Department of Economics

The goal is to change from "What is economics?" to "Economics is really useful!!"
・Contemporary Economy Course
Learn economics from the basic level, and learn to adapt the modern society which carry variety of problems.
Learning a wide range of specialty subject from basic in order to understand he economy deeply formed by the basis of human living. Starting from the basic of economy, to cultivate the ability of analyzation and research to the society with your own method. To feel the ‘real’ modern society and learn the skills to handle the changes of society flexibly.
・ Region Policy and Planning
Learn the skills for creating attractive town, and learn the way to think with wide vision, and become a person who can make contribution to the society.
To raise personnel that can contribute to regional vitalization and maintaining a city where everyone can live at ease. To learn the local industries, employment, living, administrative structure, environmental issue which necessary for creating an attractive town. Research on what is demanding by the citizen in region from the perspective of economics and public administration. To cultivate the ability in creating value for the region by fulfilling the needs of the region.

Department of Economic Information

Using IT knowledge to interpret the economy
・Economics and Information Course
To nurture skills to analyze information and cultivate the ability to judge theoretically from data.
Personnel who can decipher definitely on the economic information which is getting complicated is demanded. This course is to cultivate the ability to decipher economy by the basic information such as news and info utilization through process and analysis of various economic data. To acquire the ability for making appropriate judgment which based on theories with rich knowledge and information skills.
・Information System Course
To understand the structure of information system which is closely related to living and create new strategy and service. “Information Technologies” such as communication with various of SNS, Electronic money, internet household appliances are becoming necessary in our living. To develop a personnel with the ability for creating new system and service by understanding the structure and role of those technologies, together with knowledge of economics, management, distribution.

Faculty of Human and Social Sciences

Department of Human and Social Sciences

Understand all kinds of human social phenomena
・ Social System Course
To learn structure, mechanism and function of modern society. To cultivate the ability of problem discovery and solving by analyzing the mechanism of the contemporary society through research. Learning about the structure of the modern society where people live and work. This course is to develope the ability to find out the problem in daily life and devise the solutions by learning various of research and analyze methodology through actual activities such as questionnaire survey and field research.
・ Living Culture Course
Learning about the knowledge of service industry and develop the ability to invent new services which is suitable for modern life. Think about the society from perspective of daily life and culture. Learn the relationship between culture and business in the standpoint of the consumer, by utilizing the expert knowledge of the service industry, analyzes the needs of the community and lifestyle. Training to create new services and business models that can respond to the diverse lifestyles of people living in the modern society.
・Psychology Course
To cultivate the ability to create good service by analyze services from the psychological point of view. Services that demanded by people are varied depends on age, personality, mood, sense of values and social standpoint.
In order to cultivate the capability of providing the service that fit the a variety of the man mind,by learning the combination of marketing and management skills with psychology to decipher the mind and behavior of human beings

Department of Tourism

Learn the hospitality of how to welcome guests with a smile
・ Tourism Course
To acquire knowledge related to tourism industry and develop the ability to create new tourism products.
In order to develop the capability in creating new tourism products and events by learning the knowledge of local development and cultural promotion which influenced by tourism.
Collaboration with tourism-related companies to provides chances on practical learning the tourism which can enrich one’s mind and cultivate the spirit of hospitality.
・ Hotel & bridal Business Course
To be a professional to work in hotel or bridal industry through actual experience including field training and overseas hospitality training.
Learning basic knowledge of hotel & bridal and skills in producing various events. Besides, practical learning that collaborated with leading companies of Hotel & bridal in Kobe city is available. Opportunity to learn the spirit of hospitality by hospitality training in overseas and gaining actual experience from field training.

Department of Human Health and Wellbeing

Use science to explore "health"
・ Health Care management Course
To acquire a wide knowledge related to health and health business skills.
To cultivate personnel with highly expertise in health care and be able to contribute in maintaining and improving human health. Besides, this course can also acquire management skills that is required in health-related business by lecture and practice on marketing theories and management for sport-related companies.
・ Sports and Health Course
To educate sport training expert who can demonstrate the enjoyment of active and healthy lifestyle through sports.
In the rising awareness towards health, this course is to cultivate the people who can contribute to health improvement. Train students to be able to demonstrate the enjoyment of active and healthy lifestyle through sports and instruct practically. Besides learning the technique of exercise trainer, students can also acquire the communication skills which required for good coaching. Hence to equip yourself and able to work actively in any situation.

Campus address

3-1 Gakuen-Nishimachi, Nishi-ku, Kobe, Hyogo 651-2188, Japan
5 minutes walking distance from Gakuen-toshi Station of Kobe Municipal Subway Kaigan Line